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Data Migration Process

Data Migration Process

Your onboarding manager will put you in touch with our data specialist team to assist you with the process of importing data into your CiiRUS account.

The data migration process is completed in the following steps:

1 - Add owners to your account utilizing the Owners import sheet. (Supplied by your data specialist team member)

2 - Add your homes. This can be done by utilizing the import sheet if you do not have a lot of similar properties (Supplied by your data specialist team member) or by using the “Use Existing Property as Template Method” (see below) if you do have a lot of similar properties.

Use Existing Property as Template Method Explained:

This method would require you to add one of each “type” properties in your CiiRUS account, configure it to 100% and use the “Use existing property as template” method to create additional similar properties. You would still be able to make modifications to the new property listing as needed.

The “Use existing property as template” will copy a lot of details over including:

Basic property details (bedrooms/ baths/ sleeps), Address, Property features, Access Codes, Owner Accounting, Property Title and Bullet Points, Images and Rate Set. You can modify any of the information after the property is created.

3 - Configure Your properties to 100% (Covered in training video for session 2). This includes assigning a tax location and cleaner to each property.

4 - Upload bookings utilizing the reservations import sheet (Supplied by your data specialist team member)

5 - Audit your bookings (Covered in training video for session 4).

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