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Downloading CiiRUS

Downloading CiiRUS

User Name: Will be your main account user name. This is NOT unique to each staff member.

Password: Will be your main account password. This is NOT unique to each staff member.

Staff Password: This is created by and assigned by whoever is listed as an ADMIN user in your CiiRUS account. You will also have a main ADMIN password. Do not share this password. You can create additional users and give them certain levels of system access including ADMIN level access. This IS unique to each staff member and this password is what identifies the staff member and allows them certain level of access to your account.

Adding Additional Users:

Go to Account Settings > Access Control > Add User > Complete all fields with the accurate and appropriate info (It is really important to enter the users actual email address and telephone contact as verification codes will be sent to the email / number to gain access to the system) > Highlight the added user > Permissions > Expand each panel to specify which features you will allow access to > Exit and click save

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